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Agora Awards partnership

Letting humanity guide creativity

Dignified Storytelling’s landmark collaboration with the Agora Awards 2022 took inception at Expo 2020 Dubai, offering global photographers the opportunity to champion the Dignified Storytelling principles through the medium of photography and digital art. A distinct award category within the Agora Awards “The Story Behind the Photo” was announced at the Dignified Storytelling Forum on 10 December 2021 which is currently open for entries with winners scheduled to be announced this October 2022 in Barcelona.

Moreover, Agora and Dignified Storytelling celebrated International Women’s Day together by showcasing the works of renowned photographers from around the world who formed part of a visual manifesto of women’s dignity and diversity. The works of these visionary artists were available for virtual visits through the Metaverse Plaza, and one copy of each piece from the collection was auctioned at the Agora NFT Market with proceeds contributing to the Malala Fund in support for girls’ education.


Would you like to discuss ways to work with Dignified Storytelling and support us in promoting the concept of human dignity in storytelling?