In our effort to carry out a comprehensive review of available resources and existing research, we have come across valuable resources.  However, we are aware that there are more resources out there. Here, we share with you what we have come across and hope you can also share with us resources you think can be useful to us.

The Dignified Storytelling Handbook

The Dignified Storytelling Handbook is a resource to help storytellers and organisations promote and employ storytelling practices that are grounded in a deep respect for human dignity. 

Three young students in the northeastern part of Bangladesh learning about school health and hygiene. This in turn brings about positive change to the lives of such highly disadvantaged children. Credit: Save the Children

Research & Reports

We would like to share with you some valuable available resources & reports.

Share Research and Reports

The team behind Dignified Storytelling has completed a review of available resources and existing research to develop the concept and synthesize draft Principles of Dignified Storytelling, which will be further refined as the project progresses.

The teacher in this photo ensures that a positive educational experience is attained by all students in Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan. Credit: Mahboba Promise
Adolescent girl student eager to take part in class as part of a bigger program that is set to elevate the voice and opportunities of adolescent girls in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras. Credit: Global Fund for Children

Share Best Practices

We invite you to share examples of Dignified Storytelling best practices that can be showcased on the Dignified Storytelling website and be featured in the Dignified Storytelling Guidebook.