Champions' Toolkit

The Dignified Storytelling Champions’ Toolkit includes useful marketing collateral that, as a Dignified Storyteller, you can incorporate in your communication material. This page contains tools and material that will enable you to champion the uptake of the 10 principles of Dignified Storytelling. We realize that for us to deliver on this ambition, the support of storytellers is a must. This is why we invite you to make use of this material to raise awareness about the importance of being a Dignified Storyteller and drive support towards the pledge. We hope this handy toolkit will help bring the global community together to reshape storytelling within development and humanitarian contexts. 


Please select from the below colour variations that best fit your needs. Click on image to view and download. 

Orange & Grey
Full White 
Full Black

Social Media

Posting social media posts supported by hashtags and hyperlinks will help drive support towards the pledge. Feel free to use the suggested captions or create your own. Click on image to download. 

Option 1: Individuals 

I have just taken the Dignified Storytelling pledge and committed to telling stories with human dignity at heart. 

Join this growing global alliance by taking the pledge today:

#dignifiedstorytelling #dignifiedstorytellers #dignifiedstorytellers

Option 2: Companies 

What stories are told – and how they are told – matters. We have the power to place human dignity at the heart of storytelling.

We are proud to have taken the pledge to seal our commitment to socially responsible storytelling.

Join us: www.dignifiedstorytelling/pledge

#dignifiedstorytelling #dignifiedstorytellers #dignifiedstorytellers

Option 3: Generic

Deep respect, full transparency, and social responsibility; to tell your stories with them, is to use your power as a content creator to help change the world.

I just pledged to be a #DignifiedStoryteller, will you? www.dignifiedstorytelling/pledge

#dignifiedstorytelling #dignifiedstorytellers #dignifiedstorytellers

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Social media handles & hashtags

Please use these hashtags in your posts:
#dignifiedstorytelling  #dignifiedstoryteller #dignifiedstorytellers

Please tag us in your posts: 

@Dignified Storytelling
@Dignified Storytelling

Profile picture frame

Profile picture frames are a great way to differentiate yourself from others, show support for the initiative and announce that you have signed the pledge.

Feel free to use our picture frame displayed here and lay it over your social media profile picture, using any preferred photo editing tool of your choice, such as Canva.


The Principles

The 10 Dignified Storytelling Principles work together to describe, or define, “dignified storytelling.” The Principles have been developed through consultations with storytellers and communication experts as well as the existing literature around ethical storytelling and communications in development. They serve as the framework for action and the definition of the term.

Download your copy so you can use it as a reference when you need it.  

Website banner

Place this banner on your website to announce your support of the movement. Please hyperlink to

For organizations:
For individuals:

Brand color palette

You can use the vibrant, fresh colours of the Dignified Storytelling brand in your marketing material. We encourage you to use them as solid colours. 



RGB 236-85-8 
HEX #EC5508 
CMYK 1-72-96-2
Pantone 021-CP


RGB 102-102-101
HEX #666665
CMYK 64-55-52-7
Pantone 4195-CP



RGB 166-172-183
CMYK 33-23-15-0
Pantone 4123 C



RGB 64-161-222
CMYK 62-22–0-0
Pantone 2171 C



RGB 53-222-200
CMYK 48-0-25-0
Pantone 333 C


RGB 254-155-126
CMYK 0-44-43-0
Pantone 1625 C



RGB 255-220-119
CMYK 2-10-60-1
Pantone 2004 C


Ubuntu is Dignified Storytelling’s approved primary font family for use in all official layouts such as external marketing collateral and formal internal communications.  

For office use, digital use or when the primary font is unavailable, PT Sans or Meriweather can be used as alternatives. For all body copy, we recommend that 90% grey  (#3C3C3B) be used. Black is not part of the brand colours.


Want marketing collateral customized?

Send us your requirements on info@ if you would like any of these marketing assets resized, redesigned or tailored to your specifications.