Working Together for Dignified Storytelling

Summary of Consultation #3

Thirty participants – representing international and national organizations, foundations, corporations, and academic institutions from around the world – attended Dignified Storytelling Consultation #3 on January 20, 2021. As the third of a six-part series being hosted by Dignified Storytelling, the Consultation focused on “Working Together for Dignified Storytelling” with the aim of gathering best practices for encouraging all storytelling stakeholders to practice and promote dignified storytelling. The Consultation also provided a platform for a diverse group of practitioners, experts, and supporters to learn from each other’s ideas and experiences across sectors and geographies. 


After identifying the many different stakeholders involved in the storytelling process, Consultation #3 participants split into three breakout discussion sessions for conversations on ways to promote and practice dignified storytelling:

  • Within organizations,
  • When working with external partners, and
  • In connecting with audiences, including donors.


In each group, participants first discussed several real-life scenarios, which highlighted dynamics that often arise when collaborating with the different actors involved in storytelling. They then brainstormed a list of priority guidelines, or advice, for ensuring all stakeholders can value, expect, and practice storytelling that is centered on a deep respect for human dignity. 


Outcomes from Consultation #3 – along with the others in the series – will help inform the Dignified Storytelling Guidebook, which is being developed as part of the wider Dignified Storytelling initiative with support from Dubai Cares, Expo 2020, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC).