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There are many actors who are doing exceptional work as, and with, storytellers in development. If you are one of them, your participation and inputs to the Dignified Storytelling initiative is paramount! We invite you to join the Dignified Storytelling Alliance, a wide network of champions who will input and advocate for the global uptake of the Dignified Storytelling Principles, guidelines, and best practices.

By joining this Dignified Storytelling Alliance, you will provide on-the-ground perspectives to add to the evidence base on dignified storytelling by:

    • Sharing your technical expertise and professional experiences working with storytelling in development
    • Making available existing policies or guidelines related to dignified storytelling
    • Providing case studies to be included as good practices in program documentation
    • Receiving relevant intermediate and final deliverables for review

To join the Alliance, we invite you to fill out the form below:


    *Please provide a brief bio (approx. 250 words) to let us know more about you. This information will be shared with other registered participants prior to the consultation.

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