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Raindance Film Screening

In-House event

With the aim to instil the concept of ethical and socially responsible storytelling among young filmmakers, Dignified Storytelling and Raindance Film School Dubai embarked on an exciting collaboration to educate students at Raindance about the importance and values of dignified storytelling.

Dignified Storytelling delivered a training session for the students at the school, introducing them to the background and practices of dignified storytelling and to the recently launched Dignified Storytelling handbook, which is a useful resource for all storytellers and provides practical tips and guidelines on how to apply the ten principles of dignified storytelling in practical real-life storytelling scenarios.

To put Dignified Storytelling into practice and to hone its principles more closely, students at Raindance Film School Dubai were tasked with creating short films based on the 10 principles, which was intricately illustrated in the production and release of 5 short films consisting of 4 Sci-Fi dramas and 1 short documentary about plastic waste, which were later screened for the public at the Dubai Cares pavilion.