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Stories of Great Ambition and Hope


Stories of Great Ambition and Hope engaged storytellers and communication experts working with space agencies to talk about big blockbuster space missions and share hopeful and exciting experiences. The speakers highlighted the role of dignified storytelling in communicating the mysteries of space and what is possible through STEM and technological advances. 

Speakers of the day

Moderated by Maisa Eid, an aspiring journalist and current student at American University in Dubai, the session featured UAE Astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri; Astronaut and Senior Communications Specialist, NASA Elizabeth Landau; and special guest, Aeronautical Engineer and JAXA Astronaut from Japan, Dr. Soichi Noguchi.  

Maisa Eid (Moderator)

Journalist and editor 

Hazza Al Mansouri

Emirati astronaut and the first person from the United Arab Emirates in space.

Dr. Soichi Noguchi

Aeronautical engineer and JAXA astronaut

Elizabeth Landau

Science writer and communicator

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As a Dignified Storytelling Event at Expo 2020 Dubai, “Stories of Great Ambition and Hope” aimed to build awareness and understanding aboutdevelopment themesand the role ofstorytelling as a tool to communicate information, raise awareness, and induce change.