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Placing Human Dignity at the Heart of Storytelling

Tolerance and Inclusivity

Storytelling is a powerful tool that helps shape narratives and define cultures. It can help foster empathy and connection, serving as an important catalyst for promoting tolerance and inclusivity.

Tolerance and inclusivity are core pillars of Dignified Storytelling and its 10 Principles. Dignified Storytelling unites the voices of content makers, editors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, storytellers, and contributors and equips them with the awareness and hands-on knowledge that will enable them to capture moments and tell stories without compromising human dignity.

This event was organised as a series of TED Talk like-presentations interspersed with short film screenings and a moderator-led panel discussion featuring individuals, each accomplished in their own field.  The speakers linked the role of storytelling in promoting tolerance, inclusivity, and cross-cultural understanding.

Speakers of the Day

Moderated by the United Nations Resident Coordinator for the UAE, Dr. Dena Assaf, this session featured 11-year-old published author, Diaco Taaeb; Surinamese actor, writer and filmmaker, Ivan Tai-Apin; Friendship’s Founder and Executive Director, Runa Khan; and Disability Empowerment Consultant Fatma Al Jassim. In addition, excerpts of two films focused on tolerance and inclusivity were shared with the audience. The musical set by Hungarian singer Szilvia Agárdi was a rousing performance and proved that visual impairment is not in any way a hindrance to achieve one’s dreams and as a society we must ensure that every individual, irrespective of ability, gender, race or culture must be provided with equal opportunities.

Dr. Dena Assaf

United Nations Resident Coordinator for the UAE and Deputy Commissioner General for the United Nations

Fatima AL-Jassim

Person of determination advocate 

Szilvia Agárdi

Hungarian Singer 

Diaco Taeeb

11 year old published author

Mahmoud El Burai

Vice President of the International Real Estate Federation, FIABCI Arabic Countries

Ivan Tai-Apin

Surinamese actor, director, screenplay writer and producer.

Runa Khan

Founder & Executive Director at Friendship

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As a Dignified Storytelling Event at Expo 2020 Dubai, “Placing Human Dignity at the Heart of Storytelling” aimed to build awareness and understanding about development themes and the role of storytelling as a tool to communicate information, raise awareness, and induce change.